Simple and practical, a reference app for the maintenance and control of our aquarium. It lacks some intuitiveness when using it but you get used to it quickly. I would improve the fish and plant counters.

Jose Alonso


Simple to use application, very visual and of great help to keep control of the parameters of our aquariums. If you add more capabilities it can become a great application.



The best application to keep everything related to your aquariums up to date. 10/10

Marcos Pardo


App with many possibilities and that all aquarists will like. If it is polished, it will be an essential app since there are not many like this.



Great application to control the aquarium values and to take care of some species

Andreu Cárcel Torres


Easy to use. It has what it takes. Graphs of the evolution of your parameters, calculators and you can have several aquariums. Encouragement and to continue developing it.



Aquanotes offers many features for the care of your aquariums and fish
  • Image

    Save a photo of your aquarium in its current state

  • Data

    Store data about your aquariums such as measurements, volume, etc.

  • Test

    Observe the history of the tests performed and consult it whenever you want

  • Setting

    Choose the parameters you want to store when you perform the tests

  • Compatible fish

    See the species recommendations available in the atlas

  • Share

    Share your aquarium with other users


Use Aquanotes calculators

Aquanotes has a series of calculators that will help you with maintenance tasks for your aquariums

  • Aquarium liters/gallons

    Calculate the liters/gallons that your aquarium has based on the measurements

  • Substrate/sand

    Calculate the amount of substrate/sand your aquarium requires based on the measurements

  • Water change (GH)

    Calculate the hardness you want in your aquarium with the water change technique

  • Fertilizer Calculator (NPK)

    Calculate the amount of fertilizer with salts that your aquarium needs

  • CO2 Calculator

    Calculate the amount of CO2 dissolved in the water

  • General data

    Check information about the species such as its name, its family, etc.

  • Characteristic

    Check the difficulty, its approximate size, growth, etc.

  • Recommendations

    Check our recommendations, such as temperature, light (in plants or corals), recommended parameters, etc.

Use the Aquanotes atlas

Aquanotes has an atlas of species in which you can consult different data on a large number of species



Aquanotes Demo


Available for download for both iOS and Android

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